Volume & Issue: Volume 46, Issue 2, July 2024 
Cowpea 11S globulin spray quadruples shrimp shelf-life and maintains freshness

Pages 74-79

Mai Elsheikh; Wesam Dawam; shimaa Edris; Ali Osman; Mahmoud Sitohy; Islam Ibrahim Sabike

Prevalence of some Foodborne Pathogens (FBPs) in imported chilled and frozen beef in Egypt

Pages 80-84

Aya Mohamed Ahmed; Faten Said Mohamed; Gehan Sayed eltanany; shimaa Edris

Chemical profile of Salted and Smoked Fish

Pages 106-110

Yomna Soliman; Walid Sobhy Arab; abobakr Edris; Amina Elrais

Prevalence of Sulfite-reducing clostridia in some salted marketed fish products

Pages 119-122

Samia hamed Saliman; Abo Bakr Mostafa Edris; Mohamed Nabil