Volume & Issue: Volume 40, Issue 1, March 2021 
Biofilm formation Edwardsiella tarda isolated from fresh water fishes

Pages 1-5

Ashraf Abdeltwab; Amira M. Rizk; Amany Selim; Rania Elwakil

Clinicopathological changes associated with Campylobacter jejuni inecftion in broilers

Pages 11-15

hamada elazzy; El Sayed Mansour; Nsereen A. Shawky; Mona Salh El Deen

Clinicopathological and Immunological studies on brucellosis

Pages 36-39

Awatif Hossam Eldin; Sanaa A. Abdou; Ayman Farid; Khalid Mostafa Fararah

Clinicopathological Effect of Induced Pluripotent stem cells and Hormonal Therapy on Premature Ovarian Failure

Pages 63-67

Asmaa Abdel monsef Sultan; Nesreen I. Salem; Ibtisam M. Azam; Ayman S. Farid

Biochemical study on the effect of probiotic in experimentally induced ulcerative colitis in rats

Pages 84-88

Rodina Ramdan; Samy Hussein; omayma abo zaid; samir Abdel Latif Abdel Aal

Ultrasound-guided fetometry in Egyptian sheep and she-goats

Pages 114-118

Ahmed Gouda; Mohsen Aggag; Mohamed M. M. Kandiel

Clinical, haemato-biochemical and ultrasonographic diagnostic tools of different urinary tract affections in dogs

Pages 119-124

youssef yassein elgazar; Mohamed Ghanem; Yassein M. Abdel-Raof; Mahmoud Helal

Preparation and evaluation of Necrotic enteritis (NE) vaccine using alpha toxin with different adjuvants in broilers.

Pages 129-134

Hashem Salama; Mohamed El-Shorbagy; Alaa Abdel-Fattah El-Meneisy; Gamal Ragab Hasb El-Naby

A Review of some prebiotics and probiotics supplementation effects on farmed fishes: with special reference to Mannan oligosaccharides (MOS)

Pages 141-145

Mohamed Abdel Gayed; Hiam Elabd; Mohamed Shehabeldin; Adel Shaheen; Amel El-Asely; Eman Abd El-Gawad; Aya Matter; Amany Abbass

Chemical residues in emulsion type meat products (Frankfurter & Luncheon)

Pages 152-156

Ellia Youssef Mehawed; Mohamed A. El. Shater; Mohamed A. Hasan; Hemmat M. Ibrahim

Virulent genes of Campylobacter jejuni contaminating in chicken cuts and giblets.

Pages 157-160

Saad M. Saad; Mohamed A. Hassan; Nahla A. bou El Roos; eman gomaa

Chemical residues in burger and sausage meat products

Pages 161-164

Ellia Mehawed; Mohamed A. El. Shater; Mohamed A. Hasan; Hemmat M. Ibrahim

Prevalence and antimicrobial susceptibility of campylobacter species in chicken carcasses

Pages 165-168

Saad M. Saad Saad; Mohamed A. Hassan; Nahla Abou El Roos; Eman F. Ahmed

Hepatitis A related to foods

Pages 174-179

Esraa Khattab; Fahim shaltout; Islam I.s