Effect of Pomegranate and Moringa Extract on E. coli load in Nile tilapia.

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Pomegranate and Moringa oleifera are useful food of great interest and they have multiple useful effects on human health. Pomegranate and Moringa oleifera were used to increase the nutritional and hygienic quality of food by using their extracts. The antibacterial action of ethanolic extract of (1% pomegranate, 1% Moringa oleifera and 1% mixture from pomegranate and Moringa oleifera) were examined against E.coli (O128:H2) artificially inoculated into fresh tilapia fish and stored at 4 ± 1°C then were analyzed for sensory evaluation and E. coli count. The results showed that the sensory analysis of all treatments and control fish were acceptable for all judgment members either fresh or during storage. The combinations of 1% pomegranate peels and 1% mohringa had the highest inhibitory effect against E.coli population (p < 0.05) during the storage periods. It was concluded that the ethanolic extracts of both pomegranate peels and Moringa oleifera leaves can be used for fish preservation to improve its quality and increase its shelf life.


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