Efficacy of an inactivated Vaccine prepared from a new isolate of Newcastle Disease Virus

Document Type : Original Article


1 live viral vaccines for poultry diseases, CLEVB,Abbasia Cairo

2 virology veterinary medicine Benha university

3 Department of Virology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Benha University

4 poultry diseases and Techniqual manager, CLEVB, Abbasia, Cairo


The incidence of Newcastle Disease virus (NDV) outbreaks in Egypt is still frequent even massive vaccination programs that due to viral mutation and appearing new isolates that need new vaccination program. Inactivated Newcastle Disease virus (NDV) vaccine was prepared using a new local isolate (NDV/Ch/Giza2014), from Giza governorate, Egypt, inactivated with binary ethylenimine (BEI) and emulsified with Montanide ISA70VG as an oil adjuvant. The prepared vaccine was evaluated in comparison with an inactivated imported vaccine. Chick groups vaccinated with either prepared or imported vaccines showed high serum antibody titers from the third week post vaccination until reached the maximum titer at the 9th week post vaccination using Haemagglutination Inhibition (HI) test. The prepared and imported vaccines gave 95-100% of protection against the local and the classical strain in chicks, during challenge period, there no clinical signs or lesions on examination. Our Conclusion that the locally prepared inactivated NDV vaccine can protect chicken against either homologous or heterologous challenging viruses.


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