Monitoring of some Pathogenic bacteria in Nile fish

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1 Food hygine and control

2 Department of food hygine and control


The present study was designed to monitor the incidence of pathogenic bacteria in Nile fish. A grand total of ninty random samples of fresh Nile fish Oreochromis Niloticus (Nile tilapia) , Clarias Gariepinus (African catfish) and Cyprinus Carpio (Common carp) (30 samples of each) were randomly and periodically collected from different markets in El Gharbia governorate, Egypt, then packaged and marked individually in polyethylene bags. These collected samples were bacteriologically and serologically examined. we fond that the Incidence of E .coli isolated from the examined fish samples were (21)70%.(10)33.3% and(22073.3% from Nile tilapia,African catfish and Common carp respectively, they were serotype as O84, O26 O128, O17 and O119. S.areas was (8)26.6%,(18)60% and(20)66.6%from the examined Nile tilapia,African catfish and Common carp.Salmonella failed to be detected in any of the examined fish samples. Aeromonas was isolated from(24)80%,(30)100% and (28)93.3%.while Psedomonas was (28)93.35,(30)100% and(16)53.3%from the examined Nile tilapia,African catfish and Common carp respectively.It was conclouded that Nile fish contaminated with many food poisoning bacteria.


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