Prevalence of some food poisoning bacteria in semi cooked chicken meat products at Kaliobyia governorate with using of recent Vitek 2 compact and PCR techniques

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1 dep.MeatHygine,Benha Uni.,Egypt.

2 Professor of Meat Hygiene, Department of Food Control, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Moshtohor, Benha University, Egypt. Member of the Egyptian Organization for Standerization and Quality : Meat Hygiene Committee. Member


Bacterial food borne pathogens are important food safety issue worldwide .Rapid and accurate identification of bacteriological pathogen isolated from food staff is important both for food quality assurance and for the tracing of outbreaks of bacterial pathogen.A grand total of ninety random samples of semi cooked chicken meat products represented by strips, pane and nuggets (30 of each)were collected from different supermarkets at Kaliobyia governorate for bacteriological examination using conventional culture method and rapid modern techniques as Vitek 2 compact system and molecular identification by PCR technique. The obtained results revealed that Staph aureus and E.coli incidence were 20% and 10% in strips, 26.6%and 13.3% in chicken pane and26.6% and 23.3%in nuggets for total examined samples.Also,the serologically identified E.coli were O127, O128, O153, O157 and O91 from examined samples. .
Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli were identified in all examined samples by confirmatory identification using Vitek 2 compact system in examined 10 random samples of the chicken products. Result recorded accuracy 100% for examined samples and showed that the Vitek 2 system is a suitable tool for rapid and direct identification of gram positive cocci and gram negative bacilli from chicken products.
Using of PCR technique revealed that there were one or more virulence genes in E.coli (stx1&stx2) strains isolated from the examined samples of chicken products.


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