safety of meat meals served at a university hostel

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This study aimed to evaluate the hygienic status of served chicken meat and beef in a university hostel. About one handred random of chicken and beef meat samples before and after cooking (about 120g) were collected from a university student hostel, Egypt. .Samples were examined bacteriologically, The average values (cfu/g) of APC, Enterobacteriacae & Coliform counts were 4.10×107± 0.01×107 , 4×102±0.03×102& Less than 10 in raw chicken thigh , 2.47×107 ±0.02×106 , 6×102±0.02×102& 4.3×102±0.01×102 in raw chicken breast , 2.4×103±0.03×103, Less than 10& Less than 10 in cooked chicken thigh, 5.3×104±0.02×103, Less than 10&Less than 10 in cooked chicken breast , 4×107 ±0.02×107, 1×103±0.03×103&1.3×104±0.01×103 in raw beef and 4×103±0.03×102, 2.2×10±0.02×10& Less than 10 in cooked beef, respectively. Moreover, the incidence of E.coli was 73.33%, 33.33% and 35% in raw chicken thigh, cooked chicken breast and raw beef., while the mean valued of S.aureus were 5.3×103±0.02×103, 2.3×103±0.01×102, 6.2×10±0.02×10, 6.9×10±0.02×10, 3.9×104±.01×103and less than 10 in raw chicken thigh, raw chicken breast, cooked chicken thigh, chicken chicken breast, raw beef and cooked beef, respectively. All samples were accepted based on their APC, Enterobacteriacae, Coliform & S.aureus counts. .


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