Assessment of bacterial critical control points in chicken meat meals served for students in an University hostel

Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of Food Hygiene and Control, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Benha University, Egypt

2 Department of Food Hygiene, Animal Health Research Institute, Dokki, Egypt


A grand 75 random samples of chicken meals represented by defrosted chicken, recently cooked chicken meat and late cooked chicken meat (25 of each) were collected from the restaurant in an univeristy student hostel governorat Qalubiea . thirty swabs from handlers, knives and cutting boards of chicken (10 for each) were collected for bacteriological examination . The average values of The total aerobic count of the different critical bacteriological points for examined chicken samples were 1.8x105a ±4.2x104 in the defrosted chicken and 1x102b ±1.8x10 in recently cooked chicken and 1.8x105a ±4.2x104in the late cooked chicken meat and . The incidence of Salmonellae, , E.coli and S.aureus in examined samples from receiving to serving were 8%, 4% and 2% in defrosted chicken, they failed to be isolated from recently chicken and 0%, 4% and 0% in late served chicken. The incidence of Salmonellae, S.aureus,and E.coli in cutting boards swab samples were 10%, 0%,1 0% , in knives swab samples were 10%, 0%, 0% and in workers hands swab samples were 0%, 30%, 20% ,respectively. The suggestive hygienic measures to improve the quality of meat meals and methods of prevention of contamination of these meals were discussed.
Keywords: Defrosted chicken ,recently cooked , late served chicken meals, handlers, knieves and cutting boards, APC, , Enterobacteriaceae , Coliform Salmonellae, S. aureus, and E.coli


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