Growth performance and some related growth genes expression for some native layer and hybrid broiler chicken breeds

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Genetic and Genetic engineering, Animal Wealth Development Department, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Benha University, Egypt.


This research was carried out to evaluate the difference in the  mRNA  genetic expression of  the  liver genes as  adenine nucleotide translocase (ANT), cytochrome  oxidase subunit III (COX III),  Insulin like growth factor binding protein 2 (IGFBp2) and  Avian uncoupling protein (Av UCP), as well as growth performance include  (body weight and body weight gain ) between Cobb broilers and Fayoumi  native breeds. 120 females of one-day-old Cobb and Fayoumi chicks had beenused. Chicks were distributed equally in three replicates. the results showed that, expression of adenine nucleotide translocase (ANT) had non-significant difference between cobb and Fayoumi (P > 0.05) but there was significant difference in  COX III, IGFBp2 , Av UCP gene expressions  and  body weight, body weight gain between cobb and Fayoumi breeds.(P<.05). From the obtained results it could be concluded that, variations in the genetic expression levels of the mitochondrial genes (ANT, COX III, Av UCP) and growth-related gene (IGFBp2) related to differences in growth performance of chickens are good biomarkers for selection and improvement of growth traits in chickens.


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