The existence of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in commercially grilled beef kofta and chicken meat in El-Gharbia governorate markets

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1 Faculty of veterinary medicine . Benha university

2 faculty of veterinary medicine , Food control and Hygiene Department

3 Researcher in meat hygiene department in Tanta research center of animal health


Polycyclic  aromatic  hydrocarbons are  considered as harmful  organic  compounds  that  can occur during the heat treatment of meat, particularly grilling or barbecuing. The purpose of this  research  is  to  evaluate  the  degree  of  contamination  of  12  PAH  constituents (benzo[a]anthracene, chrysene, benzo[b]fluoranthene, benzo[a]pyrene, Dibenzo [ae] p yrene, Dibenzo [al] pyrene, Dibenzo [ah] pyrene, Dibenzo [ai] pyrene, indeno [1,2, 3-cd] pyrene, benzo  [ghi]  perylene,  Cyclopenta  (c,d)  pyrene  and   Dibenzo  [a,h]  anthracene)  on  30  heattreated  meat  samples  using  high-performance  liquid  chromatography  (HPLC)  in  Charcoal grilled beef kofta, charcoal-grilled chicken meat and gas-grilled chicken meat (10 of each),PAH4  and  PAH8  mean  values  were  90±93.17,  19.7±28.  1;69.6±74.4,  10.9±16.25;41.
3±44.9,3.4±5.1µg/g,  respectively.  Although  the  high  levels  of  PAHs  can  be  consumed, caution remains advised while eating grilled meat meals.


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