Preliminary using oil extract and nano emulsion of Artemisia herba alba compared with albendazole in treatment of artificially infected sheep with Trichostrongylidae.

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1 Parasitology department, faculty of vet med, benha university

2 parasitology department, faculty of vet med benha university

3 parasitology depatment,faculty of veterinary medicine, benha university


The objective of this study is to evaluate the efficacy of Artemisia herba alba oil extract and its nanoemulsion in treatment of artificially infected lambs by Trichostrongylids. A total of 15 lambs were allocated into five groups. On 0 day, the animals of the first four groups were inoculated with 3000 Trichostrongylids L3 and 5th group were left as control negative. On the 2nd DPI, G1, G2 and G3 were treated with 100 mg\kg b. w. A. herba alba oil extract, 100 mg\kg b. w. of A. herba alba nanoemulsion and 7.5 mg\kg b. w. albendazole respectively. Animals of group 4 were kept as control positive group. The shedding of eggs began from 15th day in G1 and G4 only. There was significant decrease (P<0.05) in RBCs count and non-significant decrease in Hemoglobin and PCV on 22nd DPI compared to 0 DPI and control positive group. There was significant increase in S. GOT in all treated group except nanoemulsion group. The adulticide effect of nanoemulsion of A. herba alba was evaluated by using the same dose in treatment of highly infected lambs (Group 4) at 37th DPI. The egg count reduction percent was 97.28%. The results at 43th DPI revealed that Monocyte and blood platelet counts were only significantly decreased. We could conclude that the nanoemulsion of A. herba alba oil which used for the first time in treatment of Trichostrongylids in lambs had an excellent and safe effect for protection and treatment.


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