Keeping quality of inactivated respiratory virus vaccines (Pneumo-5)

Document Type : Original Article


Veterinary Serum and Vaccine Research Institute, Abbassia, Cairo, Egypt


In the keeping quality and the Efficacy of freshly locally prepared Bovine Respiratory virus vaccines
(Pneumo-5) adjuvanted with either Aluminum Hydroxyl gel or montanoid oil , the serum neutralization test
was used for humoral immunity evaluation using( potency sample value) as a parameter by studying the
effect of different storage temperature on change on this value and its validity. it was found that the Gel
adjuvanted pneumo-5 vaccine was valid for( 15 month, 2 week and 1week) in storage temperature 4-8C(
refrigerator) , 18-25C( room temperature) and 37C (incubator) respectively but we found that the Oil
adjuvanted pneumo-5 vaccine was valid for ( 24 month, 3 week and 2 week) in storage temperature 4-8C
(refrigerator) , 18-25C( room temperature) and 37C( incubator) respectively after that the vaccine becomes
invalid .