Bacterial and Chemical quality of Frozen Chicken Meat Received at Governmental Hospital modern

Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of Meat Hygiene, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Benha University

2 Animal Health Research Institute, Benha Branch

3 Hospital Benha University


This study was conducted to evaluate the quality of frozen chicken meat received at governmental
hospital in kalyobia governorate, Egypt. A total of 100 samples were taken from chicken breast and
thigh (50 of each), randomly for bacteriological and chemical examination. The average of APC,
coliform and psychrotrophes counts were 3.78×106±0.93±106/g, 2.07×103±0.60×103/g and
5.71×106±1.44×106/g for breast and 4.38×106±0.59×106/g, 2.61×103±0.60×103/g and
4.59×106±1.26×106 /g for thigh, respectively. Chemical keeping quality tests represented by pH, TVB/N
(mg/100g) and TBA (mg/kg) indicated that the mean values were 5.84±0.10, 18.99±0.59 and 0.68±0.01
for chicken breast and 5.91±0.11, 19.28±0.60 and 0.73±0.02 for chicken thigh, respectively. The
recommended points were discussed