Bacterial Status of Fresh Marketed Chicken Meat cuts-up

Document Type : Original Article


1 Food control Dept., Fac. Vet. Med., Benha University

2 Animal Health Research Institute, Benha branch


This study was conducted to evaluate bacteriological contamination of fresh marketed chicken cuts-up,
and their hazards on public health. A grand total of 100 random samples of chicken breast and thigh
(50 of each)were collected from different retail shops for bacteriological examination. The mean values
of APC, Coliform and staph. aureus counts(log cfu/g) were7.83±0.01, 4.68± 0.02and 6.88 ± 0.01 in the
examined chicken breast samples, respectively, while they were 7.94±0.03, 4.90±0.01,6.79 ± 0.007 and
6.98 ± 0.01 in the examined chicken thigh samples, respectively. The incidence of isolated E.coli was
higher in the examined thigh samples (88%) than breast samples (70%). Moreover, the serologically
identified E. coli were Enteropathogenic E. coli (O55 :H7,and O78), Enterotoxogenic E. coli
(O125:H18, O128:H2 and O127:H6), Enteroheamorrhagic E. coli(O26 and O111:H4) and
Enteroinvasive E. coli (O124). The public health importance of the isolated microorganisms and the
recommended points were discussed.