Prevalence of some ectoparasites infesting different breeds of dogs in Qalyubia governorate, Egypt.

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Parasitology Department, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Benha University


The present study aimed to identify different ectoparasites of dog, their monthly and seasonal prevalence percentage of infestation effect on breed, sex, age, weight, fur color, lactation, pregnancy, single, mixed infestation and distribution above body of dogs in Qalyubia governorate, Egypt during the period extend from June2021 to May 2022. For this purpose 271 dogs nine species were examined to detected ectoparasites. The results showed that ticks spp. Which Rhipicephalus sanguineus (98.2%) and Hyalomma dormedari (1.8%), fleas spp. Which were Ctenocephalides felis (48.24%) and Ctenocephalides canis (51.76%), and lice spp. which were Heterodoxus spriniger (84.46%) and Haematopinus spp (14.5%). The overall infestation was (53.14%). The result showed that summer is the highest season of infestation by ticks, fleas and lice (40.34%,33.89%,31.08%; respectively), while winter season showed the lowest infestation 7.31, 17.37 and 19.52% for ticks, fleas and lice respectively. Stray dogs had the highest infestation rate (62.5%), male dogs were higher than female (27.9, 25.4; respectively). The present study showed that all ages are infested and the highest age of infestation was 7month-1year by (15.86%) while young dogs less than 6 months showed litter infestation, dogs ranged from (2-45 kg) showed infestation by (24.35%) than other weights. Ectoparasites infestation were (57.57%) in pregnant bitches and (31.25%) of lactating bitches. Also single and mixed infestation between male and female dogs, fur color and distributed of ectoparasites on dogs were calculated.


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