Effect of lavender oil, clove oil and frankincense extract on sensory and microbial properties of Raw drumsticks in refrigerator

Document Type : Original Article


1 Food Hygiene and Control Department., Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Benha University, Egypt

2 Food Hygiene Department., Animal Health Research Institute, ARC, Benha Branch, Egypt.


Prevention of microbial spoilage and extension of shelf life is usually the main goal of food additives. Therefore, this evaluation focused on the physical and antimicrobial effects of clove and lavender oils, and frankincense extract (1.0%) on the shelf-life of raw fresh chicken drumstick after soaking for 24h in refrigerator (4±1OC). Assessment of the used additives was conducted through sensory evaluation, and microbiological quality through nine days of refrigeration. Results revealed significant enhancements on the overall acceptability of the treated chicken drumstick samples, where organoleptic spoilage of control samples appeared after the 6th day of storage; while, the treated groups with lavender and frankincense still acceptable up to the 9th day of storage. However, all of the examined additives showed antimicrobial activity, frankincense aqueous extract had higher significant inhibitory effect on the microbial growth, especially against Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) and total fungal (mould and yeast) counts, followed by lavender and clove oils, respectively. So, it can be concluded that the used herbal byproducts, either oils or aqueous extract, gave a promising preservative effects on the treated samples with significant enhancement of the sensory quality. Frankincense extract showed higher acceptability rates in comparing with the other examined additives; therefore, more researches on its phytochemical structure, active principles and side effects can be conducted.


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