The Bacteriological Quality 0f Some Chicken Meat Products

Document Type : Original Article


Animal Health research institute, Shebin el koom branch


The chicken meat is one of the main sources of animal protein all over the world; and the volume of their production, marketing and consumption is increasing to satisfy the public demand worldwide within  the  last  decades (Lyon et al., 2007). A total of 90 random samples of chicken meat products (nuggets, luncheon and frozen shawerma) (25 g, 30 of each), were collected from different supermarkets at El- Menufia governorates. The mean values of aerobic plate, coliforms and Staphylococci counts were 1.99 ×105 ± 0.62×105, 1.14×103 ± 0.35×103 and 4.3×102 ± 1×102 (cfu/g) in chicken luncheon, 3.83 ×105 ± 9.6×104, 5.0×103± 1.2 ×103, 1.6×103± 0.42×103cfu/g, in chicken nuggets and 2.77×106 ± 1.4×106, 6.33×103± 1.7×103and 1.97×103± 0.52×103 (cfu/g) in shawerma, respectively. The incidence of Staphylococcus aureus in the examined samples of chicken luncheon, nuggets, and shawerma wad 7 (23.3%), 9 (30%) and14 (46.6%), While the incidence of E. coli was 4 (13.3%), 5 (16.6%) and 7 (23.3%), in the examined samples of luncheon, nuggets, and shawerma, respectively. Most of the examined chicken meat products were contaminated with E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus and this is considered objectionable.