Immunomodulatory and antiparasitic effects of garlic extract loaded on zinc oxide nanoparticles compared with pure garlic extract on Eimeriastiedae-infected rabbits

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Department of Pathology & Clinical Pathology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, South Valley University, Qena, Egypt


The study aimed toinvestigate the immunomodulatory and antiparasitic effects of garlic extract- loaded zinc oxide nanoparticles in comparison to pure garlic extract against  rabbit hepatic coccidiosis. Sixty male rabbits were allocated into four groups; Group 1: control, Group 2 (infected group): rabbits were inoculated orally with 2 x 103 sporulated oocyst of E. stiedae , Group 3: rabbits were infected as group 2 and treated with garlic extract (500 mg/kg b.w) and Group 4: rabbits infected and treated with garlic extract nanoparticles (500 mg/kg b.w). Five rabbits of each group were scarified at 7th, 14th and 21th day post inoculation (dpi).  Biochemical, haematology and antioxidant parameters were evaluated. Fecal samples were collected at 19th day to calculate the number of oocyst. Results revealed: hemoglobin concentration and PCV significantly increased in group 4 when compared to group 2, and platelets count of group 3 significatly increased when compared with group 2. Significant decreases in ALT, AST, Alkaline. phosphatase, bilirubin were detected in groups 3 and 4 compared with group 2, but significant decreases in MDA and SOD in groups 3 & 4 compared with group 2. Group 2 had significant increases in ALT, AST, Alkaline phosphatase, bilirubin, MDA and SOD activities when compared with control group. Significant increases in AST and ALP activities were detected in group 4 in comparison with group 3. Group 3 had a significant decrease in SOD when compared with group 4. Group 3 and 4 induced significant reduction in fecal oocyst count compared with group 2. Conclusively, garlic crude extract and garlic nanoparticles had antioxidative and anti-parasitic effect on hepatic coccidiosis of rabbit.


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