Bacteriological evaluation of fresh and cooked meat meals served at a university hostel restaurant

Document Type : Original Article


1 Food Control Department. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Benha University

2 Food Control Department, Animal Health Research Institute, Tanta Branch


A total of 90 random sample of fresh and cooked meat (boiled) (45 of each) were collected from university student hostel, and examined bacteriologically to detect its safety. Aerobic plate count (APC), Staphylococcal counts and Coliforms count were examined, Isolation and identification to E.coli. The obtained results in this study indicated that the mean value of APC was 6.32×105± 1.17×105 cfu/g for fresh meat and 1.08×105± 0.24×105 cfu/g for cooked meat; furthermore APC was detected in 75.5% in fresh meat according to EOS (2008) and 86.7% in cooked meat according to Center for Food Safety 2014. The obtained results indicated that the mean values of Staphylococcal count and coliforms in examined samples were 1.10×103± 0.21×103 and  9.95×103± 2.03×103  (cfu/g)  for fresh meat and 7.78×102± 1.64×102 and 2.14×103± 0.51×103 (cfu/g)  for cooked meat. Incidence of E.coli from fresh meat was 28.9% and 24.4% from cooked meat. These results indicate that fresh meat had higher significant results than cooked meat due to cooked meat were subjected to heat treatment that lead to killing of microorganisms, moreover, presence of E.coli in cooked meat indicated post heat treatment infection. 


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