Determination of aflatoxins by HPLC and the identification of biosynthetic nor-1 gene of aflatoxins in poultry products by PCR assay

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Corresponding author, Animal Health Research Institute, Zagazig


Aflatoxins residues in different poultry products were determined using HPLC technique and the
expression of biosynthetic nor-1 gene of these aflatoxins by PCR assay. 90 different chicken products
were analyzed for presence of aflatoxins (AFB1, AFB2, AFG1 and AFG2) using highly accurate,
robust, selective, sensitive and precise HPLC-FLD assay. Incidence of aflatoxins in examined samples
showed that the level of AFB1, AFB2 and AFG2 were 10 % for each and of AFG1 was 16.7%. The
highest aflatoxins levels of analyzed samples were found in the liver. Expression of nor-1 gene of
aflatoxins in polluted poultry products by PCR assay. A Real time PCR (RT-PCR) technique was
applied to detect the gene expression of structural nor-1, which catalyzed the first step in the
biosynthetic pathway of aflatoxins. The obtained results showed a very strong relationship between
the presences of aflatoxins biosynthetic genes as analyzed by multiplex PCR and aflatoxins
determination by HPLC/FLD.


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