Incidence of Salmonella animal derived-protein in Egypt.

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Meat hygiene,faculty of vertrinery medicine,benha university,benha,egypt


This work aimed to determine the incidence of Salmonella in various sources of meat
One hundred and twenty random samples of different meat samples represented by chilled minced beef, meat block, poultry cuts (breast and thigh), and fish flesh (T.niloticus,M.cephalus) (20 of each) were collected from different supermarkets and butcher's shops in Menoufia governorate,Egypt. The results showed that the incidence of salmonella in the examined samples of minced beef, meat block, breast meat ,thigh meat ,flesh of T.niloticus and flesh of M.cephalus were 35%, 25%, 20%, 30%, 15%and10% respectively.While serotyping of Salmonellae isolated from the examined samples were S.Enteritidis,S.Typhimurum and S.Virchow in block meat While in minced meat,they were S.Enteritidis,S.Typhimurum , S.Virchow and S.Heidberg inaddition to in chicken meat samples ,they were S.Enteritidis,S.Typhimurum , S.Virchow and S.Kentucky in breast meat and S.Enteritidis,S.Typhimurum and S.Kentucky in thigh meat . Salmonella strains isolated from mugil cephalus were S.Enteritidis,S.Typhimurum from T.niloticus were S.Enteritidis, S.Virchow and S.Infantis.Also enterotoxin gene were isolated from S.Enteritidis,S.Typhimurum,S.Kentucky and S.Virchow also could isolate hilA gene from S.Enteritidis,S.Typhimurum,S.Kentucky , S.Virchow and S.Heidelberg. FimH were isolated from S.Enteritidis, S.Typhimurum,S.Kentucky , S.Virchow ,S.infantis and S.Heidelberg.
The presence of this bacterial species in the examined samples is a result of contamination during the slaughtering ,defeathering or offal removal ,transportation ,distribution, storage, slicing, packaging, and retail sale of the products.


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