Shiga toxin producing Escherichia coli in some chicken products

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Meat hygeine, faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Benha University, Egypt


A total of 120 random samples of raw chicken products (pane, thigh) and half cooked chicken products (nuggets-pane)and cooked chicken products (luncheon - shawerma) (20 of each) were collected from different butcher’s shops and supermarkets in El-Menofia governorate. These samples were examined for isolation and identification of shiga toxin producing E.coli .
The incidence of E. coli were 50%, 40%, 25%, 20% ,10% and 15% of examined samples of chicken thigh, pane (raw), nuggets, pane(half cooked), luncheon and shawerma (cooked) respectively.
Moreover, the incidence of serologically identified E.coli as Enteropathogenic E.coli (E coli O114 : H21, E coli O119 : H4 , O44 : H18) was 60%, Enterheamorrhagic E.coli (E coli O111: H2, E coli O26 : H11) was 55%, Enterotoxogenic E.coli (E coli O125: H18and E coli O127: H6) was 30% and Enteroinvasive E.coli (E coli O124) was 15%. The achieved results evident that Enteropathogenic E. coli is the most contaminant of our examined samples followed by Enterheamorrhagic E. coli then Enterotoxogenic E.coli and finally Enteroinvasive E.coli.

PCR resultes from biochemically positive E. coli samples clarified the absence of Stx1 from all isolated Ecoli. strains, while Stx2 is present in O44:H18 , O114:H21 , O119:H4 and O127:H6 isolates and absent from O26:H11 , O111:H2 ,O124 and O125:H18 isolates.


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