Effects of commercial pellet and mash feed on performance of broiler chickens

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Nutrition and Clinical nutrition departement,faculty of veterinary medicine,Moshtohor,benha university,Egypt


The study determined the effects of feeding different feed forms on growth performance and economic efficiency of cobb broiler chickens.Different feed forms used are pellets and mash feed . A total of 43855 broiler chicks of the Cobb were used in a completely randomized design with two different forms of diets with three replicates for each group.The broiler chickens were raised for five weeks. Live body weight (BW), weight gain (WG), feed intake (FI) and feed conversion ratio (FCR) were measured weekly from the first week to fifth week. Economic efficiency was recorded at the end of trial at (day 35). It can be concluded that similarities in feed conversion and improvement in growth response for pellet-fed birds than those of mash fed birds.The results showed that the production index was the highest in broilers fed pellet than mash diets. The economic efficiency was higher (P<0.05) in broiler fed mash than pellet diets.


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