Main Subjects = Physiology
Modulatory effects of experimentally induced hyperthyroidism and melatonin on thymus gland immune function in male rat

Volume 45, Issue 1, October 2023, Pages 84-88

Sara Habk; Mohamed Azab; Randa Ismail; Abeer Nafeaa; Saad Shousha

Cellular Changes in the Thymus Gland induced by Hyperthyroidism and Melatonin Administration

Volume 45, Issue 1, October 2023, Pages 89-94

Sara Habk; Mohamed Azab; Randa Ismail; Abir Nafeaa; saad shosha

Dietary Nucleoforce® supplementation improves growth performance, feed efficiency and enhances intestinal morphology in broiler chickens

Volume 45, Issue 1, October 2023, Pages 95-100

Abd El Rahman Labib Abd El Rahman; Randa Saad Ismail; saad mohamed shousha; Rasha El Sayed Azab

The ameliorative effect of Saussurea costus root extract supplementation against cyclophosphamide-induced anemia in albino rats.

Volume 44, Issue 2, July 2023, Pages 30-36

Rana Salah Abd el-wahid; Mohamed EL Sayed Azab; Randa Saad Ismail; Abeer Abd El Aleem Nafeaa

Linseed oil supplementation improves altered lipid metabolism and insulin resistance in induced obese rats

Volume 41, Issue 2, January 2022, Pages 73-78

Esraa Magdy Seliem; Mohamed Azab; Randa Ismaila; Abeer Nafeaa

Genetic and Hormonal Difference between High Growth Rate Breed (Cobb Broiler chicken) and Low Growth Rate Breed (Native Fayoumi chicken)

Volume 39, Issue 1, September 2020, Pages 28-33

Reham Ibrahim Antar; saad mohamed shosha; mohamed elsayed elazab; Randa saad esmail

Effectof Castration on Some Immunological Aspects in Male Albino Rat

Volume 35, Issue 1, September 2018, Pages 76-83

S. M. Habak; M. E. Azab; R. S. Ismail; A. A. Nafeaa