Dietary Nucleoforce® supplementation improves growth performance, feed efficiency and enhances intestinal morphology in broiler chickens

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Department of Physiology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Benha University, P.O. 13736, Toukh, Kaliobia, Egypt


TThis study was carried out to estimate the effect of nucleoforce® on growth performance, feed efficiency and intestinal morphometry in broiler chickens. Two hundred forty, one-day old Ross 308 broiler chicks were randomly allocated into four equal groups (60birds for each group)with 3 replicates(20 birds for each replicate).Birds in the first group fed diet with no supplementation and considered as a control group (C),whereas birds of the second (200N), third (350N), and fourth (500N) groups were fed diet supplemented with nucleoforce® at concentrations of (200, 350 and 500 g/ton, respectively) from zero day till the end of the experiment. Birds were weighed weekly to record their body weight then calculate their weight gain and relative growth rate. Feed consumption was daily estimated and feed conversion rate was calculated. At days 21 and 49, intestinal samples (jejunum) were subjected to quantitative morphometrical analysis. The obtained results revealed improvement ingrowth parameters and enhancement of histomorphology of jejunum of small intestine in broiler chickens after dietary nucleoforce® supplementation. It could be concluded that dietary nucleoforce® as a commercial source of nucleotides can be considered as a promising feed additive in broiler chickens.


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