Volume & Issue: Volume 45, Issue 1, October 2023 
Effects of prebiotics supplementation on Nile tilapia, emphasizing phospholipids aquafeed - A review

Pages 1-6

Mohamed Ali; Hiam Elabd; Mohsen Azouz; Adel Shaheen; Amel Mohamed El Asely; Eman Abd El-Gawad; Aya Matter; Hadeer Youssuf; Amany Abbass

Evaluation Of Long-Term Complications Of Diabetes Mellitus In Dogs

Pages 26-31

Hend Mansour; Mohamed Ghanem; Yassen Abdel-Raoof; Mahmoud Atef Helal

Histological and immunohistochemical studies of the adrenal cortex in she-camel with special reference to age variation

Pages 32-39

sherin abdallah elfky; Ehab Mahmoud Elzoghby; Hossam fouad attia; Mahmoud Abdelghaffar Emam

Prenatal and postnatal developmental studies on the inner ear of the rabbit

Pages 46-50

zeinab said Abd El-Hameed; Anwar abd el fattah ElShafey; Mohamed attia metwally; Ahmed abd el rahman Kassab

Ultrasonography of the Urinary Tract in Dogs and Cats : Clinical Investigations & Prevalence

Pages 54-59

Ahmed Ibrahim Elkewahy; Hussein El-Maghrapy; Adel Badway; Samy Farghaly

Ameliorating Effects of Kaempferol on Buffalo Oocytes Developmental Competence (Part- I)

Pages 60-63

Hagar S. Bahgat; Alaa Abdel-Ghafar; Magdy Ramadan Badr; Basant shafik; Rasha El-sayed Azab; Sherif Ramadan; Mohamed El-Raey Mohamed

Molecular detection of Viral diarrhea in Rabbits

Pages 69-73

Nabila Ahmed Sakr; Amal H. T Abdelnaser; Ibrahim M. ElBorai; Ayman Said El-Habbaa

Some studies on molecular epidemiology of Duck Hepatitis A virus in Egypt

Pages 74-78

Ahmed abdallah Mohammed; Ahmed eissa Saad; Abdelsatar arafa Mohamed

Cellular Changes in the Thymus Gland induced by Hyperthyroidism and Melatonin Administration

Pages 89-94

Sara Habk; Mohamed Azab; Randa Ismail; Abir Nafeaa; saad shosha

Dietary Nucleoforce® supplementation improves growth performance, feed efficiency and enhances intestinal morphology in broiler chickens

Pages 95-100

Abd El Rahman Labib Abd El Rahman; Randa Saad Ismail; saad mohamed shousha; Rasha El Sayed Azab

In vivo study using Amygdalin against mammalian tumors in a mice model

Pages 101-104

Ibrahim Mohammed Abdelwadoud; Afaf eldesoky; Elsayed Salem

Prevalence of Bacillus cereus in milk and some milk products in Egypt

Pages 118-123

Ahmed Mohammed Elgushi; Hend Ahmed Elbarbary; Hamdi abdelsamei Mohammed; Dalia Mohammed Ali Elmasry

Hygienic evaluation of Meat Handlers and equipment in meat preparation Sector in some markets in Qalyubia Governorate

Pages 131-135

Hytham mohamed mosaad; Hemmat Mostafa Ibrahim; Mohamed Ahmed Hassan; Amina Mohamed Elrais; Walid Sobhy Arab

Staphylococcus aureus incidence in Egyptian meat outlets and butcheries, and their biofilm, antibiotic-resistance, and virulence capabilities

Pages 136-140

Raghda Ebrahim Saad; Rasha Elsabagh; Nahla A Abo EL-Roos; shimaa Edris; Islam Ibrahim Sabike

Chemical Residues in Some Farmed Fish Species Marketed in Sharkia Governorate, Egypt.

Pages 141-145

Hania Elsayed Osman; saad m saad; Gehan Fatahlla; Maha Samir

Prevalence of Yersinia enterocolitica and other Species in Some Retailed Chicken Meat Product.

Pages 157-160

Safia Ahmed Zahran; abobaker mostafa edris; Nermin Fouad Elshopary; Walid Sobhy Arab

Seasonal Impact on the Microbiological Quality of Some Poultry Meat cuts

Pages 177-181

Aya Farouk; Amany Mohammed Salem; Marionette Nassif

The efficacy of FMD vaccine prepared from recently isolated FMD virus using Ictyolane 18 oil adjuvant

Pages 187-190

Hadeer Saied Amin; Gabr Fikry El-Bagoury; Ayman Said El-Habbaa; hiam fakhry