The efficacy of FMD vaccine prepared from recently isolated FMD virus using Ictyolane 18 oil adjuvant

Document Type : Original Article


1 Veterinary Serum and vaccine Research Institute abbasia, cairo

2 Department of Virology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Benha University,

3 Veterinary Serum and Vaccine Research Institute, Abbassia, Cairo


Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) is an important viral disease in cloven-hoofed animals endemic in Egypt. Inactivated oil adjuvant FMD vaccines are widely used in prophylactic vaccination for protection of animals. For safe and effective immunization, an adjuvant should be selected only after careful consideration. In this study, we produced a bivalent inactivated vaccine for recently isolated FMD virus strains A/Africa G4 /2022 and A/ Venezuela/2022 serotypes using different ratio of Ictyolane 18 oil adjuvant and measured quality and immunogenicity safety of vaccine. Calves were vaccinated intramuscularly (I/M) with the prepared bivalent FMD vaccines ( group 1 using the vaccine emulsion 50 % Ictyolane 18 oil with 50% antigen and group 2 using the vaccine emulsion 60 % Ictyolane 18 with 40% antigen). Serum samples were collected from vaccinated animals for 9 month. The humeral immune responses were monitored by Serum Neutralization Test (SNT) and ELIZA technique. The results revealed that vaccinated cattle reach the protective level at 2nd to 3rd week post vaccination (WPV) and continued up to 9th month post vaccination .results show that the incorporation of the two ratio of Ictyolane 18 in FMDV vaccine induces an early & long period of high specific protective immune response in cattle. Finally we recommended to use Ictyolane 18 as a potential with equal ratio of FMD antigen were safe and highly economic adjuvant in FMD vaccine for cattle.


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