Volume & Issue: Volume 45, Issue 1, October 2023 
Hygienic evaluation of Meat Handlers and equipment in meat preparation Sector in some markets in Qalyubia Governorate

Pages 131-135

Hytham mohamed mosaad; Hemmat Mostafa Ibrahim; Mohamed Ahmed Hassan; Amina Mohamed Elrais; Walid Sobhy Arab

Staphylococcus aureus incidence in Egyptian meat outlets and butcheries, and their biofilm, antibiotic-resistance, and virulence capabilities

Pages 136-140

Raghda Ebrahim Saad; Rasha Elsabagh; Nahla A Abo EL-Roos; shimaa Edris; Islam Ibrahim Sabike

Chemical Residues in Some Farmed Fish Species Marketed in Sharkia Governorate, Egypt.

Pages 141-145

Hania Elsayed Osman; saad m saad; Gehan Fatahlla; Maha Samir

Prevalence of Yersinia enterocolitica and other Species in Some Retailed Chicken Meat Product.

Pages 157-160

Safia Ahmed Zahran; abobaker mostafa edris; Nermin Fouad Elshopary; Walid Sobhy Arab

Seasonal Impact on the Microbiological Quality of Some Poultry Meat cuts

Pages 177-181

Aya Farouk; Amany Mohammed Salem; Marionette Nassif