bacteriological examination of some ready to eat meat and chicken meals

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1 Tanta University Hospitals, Egypt

2 Food Hygiene and Control Dept., Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Benha University, Egypt

3 Animal Health Research, Tanta branch, Egypt.


Sixty random samples of ready to eat chicken and meat meals including meat, chicken, beef kofta and chicken kofta (15 of each) were collected from different restaurants from Tanta city to evaluate their bacteriological quality
The mean values of Areobic plate count(APC) , Enterobacteriacae, coliform counts(CFU/g) were 6.03×103 ± 1.45, 3.16×103 ± 0.72,7.43×102 ± 1.05 for meat,8.58×103 ± 1.65,6.53×103 ± 1.24,9.18×102 ± 2.07 for chicken , 9.91×103 ± 2.18, 5.25×103 ± 0.86, 1.06×103 ± 0.19 for beef kofta and 2.03×104 ± 0.43, 9.14×103 ± 2.06,3.32×103 ± 0.45 for chicken kofta, respectively.
The results showed that 12 isolates of E.coli were identified from the examined ready to eat chicken and meat meals with different percentages as follow O26: H11 EHEC (6.67%)& O111: H4 EHEC (6.67%) for meat, O26: H11 EHEC (13.33%)& O124 EIEC (6.67%) for beef kofta, O78 EPEC(6.67%)&O127:H6 ETEC(6.67%)&O146:H21EPEC(6.67%) for chicken and O26:H11EHEC(13.33%)&O91:H21EHEC(6.67%)&O121:H7 EHEC(6.67%) for chicken kofta. Also there are 6 isolates of salmonella from the examined meals were identified. Also, there are 21 S.aureus from examined samples represented as 20% from meat, 40% from beef kofta, 33.33% from chicken and 46.67% from chicken kofta. Thus the current results in this study allowing concluding that all examined samples were contaminated with different bacteria as E.coli, Salmonella and S.aureus. And the highest APC was in chicken kofta followed with beef kofta, chicken and meat.


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