Some epidemiological studies on brucellosis in dairy farms in Gharbia governorate .Egypt.

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1 Hygiene and Animal Management Department, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Benha University.

2 Brucella Department, Animal Health Research Institute, Cairo, Egypt.

3 hygiene veterinary medicine banha


This study was conducted on dairy farms in Gharbia governorate, Egypt. From January to December 2018 .The study included 240 dairy farms and 3775 serum sample were collected for serological tests.25 farms (10.42) were positive for brucellosis,132 serum sample were positive by serological test divided according to production stage of animals as 121/3000(4.033%), 8/600 (1.33%) and 2/175 (1.142%) in cows ,heifers and bulls respectively. The result of culturing and confirmation by PCR indicated that Brucella melitensis biovar 3 is the dominant strain in dairy farms in Gharbia governorate. The spatial distribution of positive cases indicated that districts of Samnood, Kfr- Elzyat and Basion had the higher percent of positive cases as 6.35%, 4.67% and 3.57% respectively, however districts of El-Santa, Zefta and El-Mahla El-Kobra had the lowest percent as 1.49%, 2.3% and 2.89% respectively. The obtained result proved that, brucellosis is endemic in Gharbia governorate and good control program should be conducted to eradicate the disease.


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