Volume & Issue: Volume 39, Issue 2, December 2020 
Bacteriological Profile of Frozen Chicken Meat Cuts at Qalubiya Governorate Markets

Pages 1-5

Fatin Hassanin; Fahim Shaltout; Ahmed Afifi Maarouf; Suzan Fawzy Elsisi; Ahmed Yousef

Essential oils as microbial reductant

Pages 6-9

Abo Bakr M. Edris; Amany M. Abd El-salam; ali badran

Bacterial hazards of ready to eat fish products.

Pages 10-14

Eslam El-Gazzar; Faten Hassanien; Nahla Ahmed Abou ELRoos

Microbial Aspect of some processed meat products with special reference to aflatoxins

Pages 24-28

Khalifa Elsayed Ahmed Abuzaid; Fahim Shaltout; Ramadan Salem; Eman Mahmoud El-Diasty

Chemical residues in ready to eat fish products

Pages 29-33

Eslam El-Gazzar; Mohamed Hassan; Faten Hassanien; Nahla Abou ELRoos

Assessment of pomegranate peel powder on microbial contamination of sausages

Pages 34-39

Khalifa Elsayed Ahmed Abuzaid; Fahim Shaltout; Ramadan Salem; Eman Mahmoud El-Diasty

Phenotypic and genotypic characterization of pseudomonas species isolated from frozen meat.

Pages 47-51

Basma Mohiey Khalafallah; Ashraf Awad Abd El-Tawab; Shaimaa Nada; Manar Ezzat Elkhayat

Prevalence of E.coli and staphylococcus aureus in meat and chicken Meals

Pages 55-58

Doaa Helal; Abobaker Edris; Marionet Nasseif; Amina Elrais

Field, serological and biochemical evaluation of Bovine Ephemeral Fever and Rabies vaccines in cattle and baffaloes

Pages 68-74

Enas Abd El baset; Marawan Marawan; Mohamed Gouda; Faysal arnaout; Zinab Salem

Epidemiological studies on brucellosisin dairy farms in Nile delta, Egypt.

Pages 75-78

Shabaan Khalafallah; Hoda Mohamed Zaki; ayman seada

Shiga toxins Producing E.coli in Meat Products by Multiplex PCR

Pages 79-83

Mohamed Hassan; Reham Amin; Nahla Aboelroos; yasmeen adel ibrahim

Molecular studies on some factors of E. coli isolated from avian products and infants with diarrhea

Pages 84-89

Ashraf Abd El-Tawab; Gamal Hassb El-Naby; Nashwa Mowaf; Manar Al-Khayat

Clinical and biochemical investigations on bacterial diarrhea in Egyptian Buffalo Calves

Pages 90-94

Sherif El-Seadawy; Hossam El-Din El-Attar; Heba Elkhyat; Mahmoud Helal

Phenotypic detection of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in some cheese varieties

Pages 117-121

Ahmed Abdel Khalek; marwa awad Saad; Ahmed Afifi Maarouf; Adham Abdou

Prevalence of Some Foodborne Pathogens in Some Ready to Eat Meats

Pages 122-126

Mohammed Elheity; Mohamed Haasan; Reham Amin

Molecular matching of circulating foot and mouth disease viruses and vaccinal strains in Egypt, 2016-2019.

Pages 132-137

Nehal M. Shahen; zeinab R.A. aboezz; Ayman S. Elhabba; Naglaa Hagaa; Saad S.A. Sharawi

Effect of extracted LPS of Salmonella typhimurium on chicken immunity.

Pages 147-152

Ashraf Abd El-Tawab; Heba Hassan; Fatma El-Hofy; Mai Fadel; Aml Ezzat; Enas Soliman

Bacterial Status Of Broiler chicken Meat Meals Served at Governmental Hospital E

Pages 153-157

Heba Desokey; Abo Bakr Edris; Islam sabek; Ahmed Abd-ElGhaffar

Lactic and Acetic Acids as Bacterial Decontaminators on Chicken Carcasses

Pages 158-160

abobakr Edris; Reham Amin; Nesreen Eleiwa; Ramy Elnagar

Some studies on the reproductive performance in small ruminants

Pages 161-166

Ahmed Gouda; Mohamed Kandiel; Mohsen Agag

Chemical studies on shelf life time of chilled chicken meat

Pages 173-176

Ebtehal Mohammed Awad allah; Saad Mahmoud Saad; Mohamed Ahmed Hassan; Hala Farid Mohamed Hassan

Effect of sodium tripolyphosphate on the bacteriological quality of refrigerated Nile tilapia fillets

Pages 177-180

Hemmat Ibrahim; Mohamed Hassan; Reham Amin; Omayma Maghraby; ahmed mohammed mostafa