Bacterial Status Of Broiler chicken Meat Meals Served at Governmental Hospital E

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1 Benha University Hospital

2 Food Hygiene and control Department, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Benha University

3 Microbiology Dept., Animal Health Research Institute, Benha Branch.


A grand total of 90 random samples with 250 gm weight of each sample of boiled, grilled and fried broiler chicken meat meals (30 of each) were collected from a governmental hospital at various times in Kalyobia governorate, Egypt were collected for microbiological examination .The average values of APC, Enterobacteriaceae, coliform and staphylococcalcounts were 4.81x104 0.65x104,2.16x1040.41x104cfu/g,1.45x1030..36x103and3.10x1030..48x103 in boiled chicken meat meals,9.97x1032.18x103,5.73x1030.96x103, 9.74x1022.07x102 and 1.26x1030.19x103cfu/g in grilled chicken meat meals, 6.02x1031.33x103.,1.81x1030.27x103,4.19x1020.53x102 and 7.58x1021.25x102cfu/g in fried chicken meat meals. Moreover, the incidence of serologically identified E. coli as Enteropathogenic E. coli (E. coli O1:H7 , E. coli O2: H6 , E. coli O78 , E. coli O124 , .E. coli O126: H21E. coli O128: H2and E. coli O146: H21), EnterotoxogenicE. coli (E. coli O2:H6 ,E. coli O78 , E. coli O158 , E. coli O128: H2 and E. coli O91: H21) Enteroheamorrhagic E. coli (E. coli O1:H7,E. coli O78 and E. coli O126:H21) and Enteroinvasive E. coli (E. coli O146 :H21). The public health importance of the isolated microorganisms and the recommended points were discussed.
Keywords: Meat meals, Enterobacteriaceae , staphylococci, coliform.


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