Effect of dietary nucleotide supplementation on broiler intestinal  histomorphology

Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Benha University. Egypt.

2 faculty of veterinary medicine, El-Mansoura university


 The present experiment was performed to investigate the influence of two different products    of nucleotides as a feed additive for broiler chicks in terms of improvement of intestinal histomorphology. A total number of two hundred and seven-one-day-old broiler chicks (Ross 308) were randomly distributed into three different treatment groups (A, B, and C), of three replicates (23 chicks / replicate). The chicks in control group (A) were fed negative control diet, group B were fed diet containing (Nucleoforce®) (0.025%) while group C were fed diet containing (Immune force®) (0.1%). Results showed that, groups fed diet supplemented with nucleotides had expressed significant increase in length of intestinal villi when compared with the control one, although group B that was fed Nucleoforce® showed highest values among the three different groups.

It was concluded that, inclusion of nucleotides (Nucleoforce® and Immune-force®) in broiler diets had a positive role in improvement of intestinal histomorphology.


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