Prevalence of Some Foodborne Pathogens in Some Ready to Eat Meats

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1 General Organization for Imports and Exports Control, International Cairo Airport Branch

2 Food Hygiene and Control Dept., Fac. Vet. Med., Benha University.


This study was conducted on 90 random samples of cooked chicken and beef meats (45 of each) with 125 gm weight of each sample .The beef meat samples were represented by beef kabab , beef kofta and shawerma(15 samples of each) while the chicken meats samples were represented by fried pane , fried drum sticks and chicken shawerma (15samples of each ) which were collected from Kafr Elzayat city , Gharbia governorate to evaluate the bacteriological quality of ready to eat chicken meats and beef meats .
The results of bacteriological examination for meat and chicken recorded that E.coli were isolated as 3 from beef kabab samples, 4 from grilled beef kofta samples, 7 isolates from beef shawerma. E.coli isolated from fried chicken pane were 4, 6 isolates from fried chicken drum stick samples and 9 isolates from chicken shawerma.
The study revealed the edibility of samples based on Staph.aureus count that 1, 3 and 4 samples from beef kabab , kofta and beef shawerma respectively were not accepted while in chicken samples pane , drum stick and chicken shawerma recorded 2 ,5 and 7 respectively were not accepted .
S.Entertidis was isolated from grilled beef kofta (6.67%), beef shawerma (13.33%), chicken pane (6.67%) and chicken shawerma (6.67%). Also S.typhimurium was isolated from 6.67%, 13.33 %, 6.67%, 6.67% and 6.67% of the examined samples of beef kabab, beef kofta, beef shawerma, chicken drum stick and chicken shawerma , chicken drum stick (6.67%) and chicken shawerma (20%).


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