Volume & Issue: Volume 39, Issue 1, September 2020 
Bacteriological profile of some raw chicken meat cuts in Ismailia city, Egypt

Pages 11-15

Sayed Abo elela Afify; Fahim Aziz eldin Shaltout; Islam Zakaria Mohammed

Ultrasonographic Examination of Abdominal Wall Swellings in Cattle and Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)

Pages 58-62

elham shaaban khalf; Adel Mohamed Al-Akraa; atef sayed abd elgalil; ahmed hassan khalil; abdelhalim mahmoud elkassapy; Hussein s AlMaghraby

Evaluating the effects of certain probiotics on mycotic contamination in oriental sausage

Pages 68-72

mohamed ibrahim el-sharkawy; reham abd elaziz amin; rasha abd elhamid el sabagh; nahla ahmed shawky abo elroos

E. coli and Salmonella stereotyping in cattle carcasses at abattoir level

Pages 73-76

Hemmat Ibrahim; Mohamed Hassan; Reham Amin; Hend salah almokadem

Natural antifungal agents for food preservation

Pages 80-84

Mahmoud Hammad; Ekbal Ibraheem; Hend Elbarbary

Insight into summer mortality syndrome in farmed Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) associated with bacterial infection.

Pages 111-118

Amel M El Asely; Hadeer Youssuf; Eman Abdel Gawad; Hiam Elabd; Aya Matter; Adel Shaheen; Amany Abbass

Bacteriological quality guides in local and imported beef and their relation to public health

Pages 125-129

Faten Hassanien; fahim Aziz Eldeen shaltout; marionette Zaghloul Fahmey; Hassan Fehr Abdelkader Elsukkary

Antibacterial effect of pepper and cumin extracts on some pathogens contaminating chicken meat

Pages 130-134

suhair nagy Shehab ElDin; Saad Mahmoud Saad; Hemmat Moustafa Ibrahim; Mohamed Ahmed Hassan

Bacteriological Quality of Canned Meat Marketed in Egypt

Pages 154-158

Nasser sayed Abdel-Atty; fathy ahmed khalafalla; Dina ahmed Barakat

Isolation and identification of new sub-genotypes of virulent ND virus in broiler chickens in Qalybia governorate

Pages 159-164

Asmaa Ibrahim Desouky; Ahmed Eissa Mohamed Saad; Mohamed Abdelgide Elshorbagy; Samah Abodalal

Incidence of Psychotropic bacteria in frozen chicken meat products with special reference to Pseudomonas species

Pages 165-168

Suzan Hassan Sheir; Hemmat Mostafa Ibrahim; Mohamed Ahmed Hassan; Nahla Ahmed Shawky

Bacteriological and molecular studies on Salmonella isolated from duckling farms at Kaliobia, Egypt

Pages 169-174

Ibtehal Saeed Abdelaziz; Ashraf Awad Abd El-Tawab; Ahmed Afifi Maarouf; Fatma Ibrahim Elhofy

Mycotoxin residues in some fish products.

Pages 175-179

M. S Saad; M. A. Hassan; F. S. Hassanien; A. A. Awud