Quality assessment of yoghurt produced for foreign markets

Document Type : Original Article


1 Testing Laboratories department, Egyptian Accreditation Council

2 Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,Benha University

3 Food control Dept., Fac. Vet. Med., Menoufiya University


One hundred and forty random samples, 20 samples of plain yoghurt produced for foreign markets(F), 60 samples of plain yoghurt produced for local markets20 of each brand plain yoghurt (A, B, C) 60 samples of fruit yoghurt produced for local markets 20 for each brand (M, N, L) were collected from the marketing points. The collected samples were examined organoleptically, chemically, and microbiologically. The obtained results revealed that the highest score of examined yoghurt samples for sensory evaluation was F brand of examined plain yoghurt samples than fruit yoghurt samples (M, N, L). Acidity% in plain yoghurt samples were 0.90, 0.95, 1.06 and 0.98(F, A, B, C) respectively, while in case of fruit yoghurt samples were 0.92, 1.03 and 0.91(M, N, L) respectively. The mean coliform count/g in examined yoghurt samples was 1.85±1.01, 1.54 x102±0.07 x102 for plain yoghurt (B, C) while, 1.62 x10±1.12 x10 in fruit yoghurt (M).The mean staphylococci count/g in examined natural yoghurt were (F, A, B,C) 0, 1.45x10±0.95x10C, 8.85x10±8.01x10 and1.54 x102±1.02x102 ,respectively. While in fruit yoghurt (M, N, L) the mean values were 1.62X102 ± 1.12 X 102, 9.25X10 ±8.01X10 and5.54 X 10 ± 4.01 X 10.


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