Volume & Issue: Volume 40, Issue 2, July 2021 
Molecular characterization of salmonella species and E.coli isolated from dogs and cats

Pages 12-18

Reham Mekky; Abdel-Moneim Moustafa; Rania Yahya Abo-Sakaya; Khairy Abu-Zaid

Control of some heavy metals contaminating fish products

Pages 33-37

saad m saad; Shaimaa Moawad Nada; Mahmoud Fathi Nada; mahmoud fathi nada

Trials for controlling of biogenic amines in fish products

Pages 38-42

saad mahmoud saad; Shaimaa Moawad Nada; Mahmoud Nada

Effect of marjoram oil on the quality and shelf life of meat

Pages 48-52

A.M Edris; Shimaa N. Edris; abila I. El Sheikh; Tereza Hosny Amin

Chemical evaluation of imported fish

Pages 53-55

Saad M.S.; Islam I.S.; Islam Z; ibrahim ahmed

Quality assessment of yoghurt produced for foreign markets

Pages 61-66

doaa saeed elhashala; Hamdi abdelsamei Mohammed; marwa awad Saad

Occurrence of multidrug resistant shiga-toxigenic E. coli in retailed cheese in Zagazig city, Egypt

Pages 67-71

Samah Saeed Abd Ellatif; Seham Elbadry; Hend Saeed Nada; Lamiaa M. Reda; Asmaa Badr Moustafa Badr Tahoun

Calories restriction modulates the enzymatic antioxidant status in D-galactose induced aging in male rats

Pages 96-99

Mohammed Abdel-Fattah Mohammed; omayma ragab Abo zaid; Fatma S.M Moawed; Omama El emam Elshawi

Role of Asparagus racemosus root in the amelioration of hepatocellular carcinoma in rat"

Pages 111-116

Yakout, A. El-senosi; Samy Aziza; Sawsan Elsonbaty; Mohamed Saber Abo Alella

Protective and therapeutic role of nano-curcumin against hepatocarcinogenesis in rat

Pages 121-125

Yakout, A. El-senos; Samy Aziza; Sawsan Elsonbaty; Mohamed Saber Abo Alella

Adaptation and Comparative Growth Behaviour of Egyptian SPV isolates in Vero

Pages 164-167

Gabr Fikry Elbagory; Emad Abdel Salam Aboul Soud; Nesma Hassan

Prevalence of some pathogenic bacteria in dairy products

Pages 51-55

Hemmat Elsayed Eltokhy; Hamdi Mohamed Abdelsamei; Hend El barbary; marionette Zaghloul Nassif