Genotypic characterization of multi drug resistant E.coli and Salmonella isolated from virally infected broilers

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Genotypic characterization of the multi-drug resistant (MDR) circulating bacterial pathogens among the small broilers flocks help in obtaining a clear picture of the MDR dilemma in the animal care sector and its impact on the safety of human and environment. In this study: Ten E.coli and five salmonella isolates were obtained from virally infected small broilers flocks at Giza and El-kalubia province, Egypt in a previous study. All isolates were multi drug resistant for at least seven different antimicrobial agent. A farther investigation using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was used to determine the prevalence of a pool resistance genes including antimicrobial& disinfectant resistance and mobile genetic element genes (blaTEM, blaSHV, blaOXA, aada1, qacEΔ1 and intI1) within the bacterial isolates. The results of Inspection of blaTEM, blaSHV, blaOXA genes (most common genes responsible for beta lactam resistance in Enterobacteriaceae family members) in E.coli & salmonella isolates revealed: 100%/80% , 90%/100%, 0%/0% prevalence in E.coli, salmonella isolates respectively. While the aada1 gene (one of streptomycine resistance responsible genes) was detected in 100% of E.coli and salmonella isolates as well as the qacEΔ1 gene (one of the quaternary ammonium compounds ((QACs)) resistance genes that is usually detected among the Enterobacteriaceae family members). Finally, intI1 gene (responsible for presence of integron classІ) found in of E.coli and salmonella isolates as followed 100%, 80%. These findings clearly shows that blaTEM, blaSHV, aada1, qacEΔ1and intI1 are highly prevalent among the MDR bacteria here in Egypt.


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