Volume & Issue: Volume 43, Issue 1, October 2022 
Biosecurity and hygienic assessment of production systems in some poultry farms

Pages 12-20

Eman Mohamed Hafez; Hassan Abdel Aziz Aidaros; Hala kasem El bahgy

Prevalence of tuberculosis in bovine slaughtered animals and suspected patients in Gharbia governorate

Pages 96-100

Amal Elagdar; abobakr Edris; Samar Mohamed Moustafa; Gamal Ibrahim Heikal

Traceability of E.coli bacteria in retail meat.

Pages 100-103

Mostafa Karim Elsayed Ahmed Yaseen

Effect of Different Concentrations of Lemon oil on Some Food Poisoning Bacteria and Histamine Residue in Fish Fillet

Pages 109-113

Aya Talaat ElBalshy; Hemmat Moustafa Ibrahim; Mohammed Ahmed Hassan; Shimaa Mowad Nada

Effect of thyme oil and nisin as antimicrobial in Bacillus cereus in chicken fillet butcher shops in Tanta city

Pages 114-117

Sara Mohamed Haraz; Abo baker mostafa Edris; Walid Sobhy Arab; Rna Ahmaed Lila

Antibacterial activity of pepsin hydrolyzed goat whey protein and its application in pasteurized milk

Pages 129-133

Wafaa Salim Nassar; Ekbal A. Ibrahim; Hend Ahmed Elbarbary; Hamdi Mohammed