Comparison between antimicrobial activity of thymus and cumin extracts and their nanoparticle on Salmonellaenteritidis

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Department of Bacteriology Immunology and Mycology. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. BENHA UNIVERSITY


the present study was evaluated and fabricated thyme and cumin extracts and its nanoparticle to used as antibacterial an alternative to antibiotics .the aim of research was to compar between effect aqueous and oil extracts and its nanoparticals on bacteria Salmonella enteritidis and the presence of some gene as genes invA ,qacA by determination of the minimum inhibitory concentration MIC of both using resazurin micro dilution method . the result showed the MIC values of thymus oil 100% , thymus oil micro emulsion 20% , cumin oil 100% ,cumin oil microemulsion 20% ,mix oil ( thymus and cumin)20% ,thymus oil 20% ,cumin oil 20% ,cumin extract aqueous 20% ,cumin extract aquous100% and nanopartical extract aquous cumin 20% ( 0.09, 0.156 , 100 ,0 , 10 , 0.625 , 20 , 0,0,0) mg/ml respectively . and some materials was effect of one gene which it was absent qacA and they was not effect on invA gene it and TEM microscope showed that the bacteria appeared with Extensive damage to the cell membrane .


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