Immunological response for locally produced an inactivated Newcastle disease virus vaccine using Montanide™ISA71 and Chitocan Nanoparticle as adjuvants.

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Virology Department, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Benha University



Newcastle disease virus (NDV) as the causative agent of acute infectious disease that threatens the poultry flock worldwide. Vaccination could reduce the risk of an outbreak of ND virus. In this study chitosan nanoparticles were used as an antigen carrier for delivery into intranasal mucosa to enhance the immune response to the Newcastle disease (ND) vaccine in compare with Montanide oil 71 adjuvant. Results demonstrate that the success of the prepared vaccines to be satisfactory to all quality control parameters. Cell mediated immune response of vaccinated chicks showed high values from the 3rd day post vaccination (DPV) and persisted till 21st DPV for vaccine with chitosan nanoparticles and vaccine with Montanide oil 71 by lymphocyte blastogenesis and phagocytic assays. Serum antibody titer was increased from the 1st week post vaccination (WPV), and continued till 25th WPV against NDV for both vaccines by Hemagglutination inhibition (HI) test. Challenge test demonstrated that the vaccines protect vaccinated chicken in percentage of 90% and 95% in vaccine with chitosan and vaccine with Montanide oil 71, respectively. In conclusion, the prepared ND vaccines stimulate early humoral and cellular immune responses and control virus shedding.NDV vaccine with chitosan nanoparticles could save cost and time for vaccine production.


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