Additives in meat products marketed in Beni-Suef, Egypt" Residual levels and effect of cooking"

Document Type : Original Article


1 Food hygiene and control department, Fac. Vet.Med., Beniusuef university, Egypt

2 Veterinary Medicine Directorate, Beni-Suef, Egypt.

3 Animal Health Research Institute (AHRI), Agriculture Research Center (ARC), Food Hygiene Department, Beni-Suef Regional Lab., Benu-Suef, Egypt.

4 Food hygiene and control, Faculty of veterinary medicine, Beni-Suef University, Beni-Suef , Egypt.


Meat products are highly popular because they are cheap, rich with many nutritive materials, essential amino acids, minerals and trace elements. Meat products are manufactured by combination of meat, fat and other non-meat ingredients. Despite chemical additives are necessary for meat products manufacturing, higher levels than the permissible may constitute public health hazard and/or technological problems. The main objective of the current study was to estimate the levels of moisture, sodium chloride, nitrites and phosphates in some meat products marketed in Beni-Suef governorate and to study the effect of cooking on their level in fresh sausage. The highest mean value for moisture was detected in burger (63.90±2.57), while the lowest one was in sausage (54.34±2.71). Similarly, luncheon and frankfurter had the highest and lowest mean values for salt, which were 4.33±0.05and 3.90±0.27, respectively. Moreover, 3 (15%) of both sausage and frankfurter exceeded the permissible limits recommended by EOS for nitrite, while 1 (5%) and 4(20%) of beef burger and luncheon exceeded this level, respectively. Nitrites was significantly (P≤ 0.05) decreased by both frying and steaming, however, the reduction in water, salt and phosphates contents were not significant. Because of some samples exceeded the permissible limits of EOS, therefore a national large scale prescheduled surveys for the proximate chemical analysis and for detection of the levels of chemical additives in various meat products is always required.


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