Volume & Issue: Volume 42, Issue 2, September 2022 
Phylogenetic analysis of VP1 foot and mouth disease virus strains circulating between 2018-2020, Egypt

Pages 7-13

Ayah Hassan; zeinab R.A. aboezz; Ayman Said El-Habbaa; Momtaz Shahein; Naglaa Hagag; Saad Sharawy

The role of hesperidin and rosemary leaves extract on myocardium glucose transporter 4 pathway for attenuation of diabetic cardiomyopathy

Pages 57-63

Samy Ali Hussein; omayma ragab Abo zaid; Hussein F Abdelmaksoud; Taheya F Ismael; Aziza Amin; Ghada Fathy Al lawaty

Wound healing treatment of local insulin injection with topical chitosan/ Zinc oxide nanocomposite membrane in diabetic rats model

Pages 70-75

sameh AbdElhady Hassan alsayes; Samy Ali Aziza; omayma ragab Abo zaid; Gamal Abdel-Aziz Abdel-Aziz

The ameliorative effect of ╬▒-lipoic acid on testicular dysfunction induced by gentamicin.

Pages 104-108

Hozaifa Elsawah; Haitham Mohamed Mokhimar; Mohamed M. M. Kandiel; Aziza Amin; Ayman Samir Farid; AbuBakr El-Mahmoudy

The combined protective effect of N-acetylcysteine and vitamin E against acrylamide-induced nephrotoxicity in rats

Pages 109-113

Shimaa taima; Faten Elsayed; Mahmoud Abdelghaffar Emam; samar saber Ibrahim; Mohamed Aboubakr

The protective potential of ginseng on ciprofloxacin-induced male gonadotoxicity.

Pages 114-119

Haitham Mokhimar; Hozaifa Khalil Elsawah; Mohamed M. M. Kandiel; Aziza Amin; Faten ebrahim Abdallah; AbuBakr El-Mahmoudy

Ultrasonographic and Gross Anatomical Approaches to Characterize Superficial Lymph Nodes in Donkey (Equus Asinus)

Pages 128-133

Ahmed Khalil; Atef Sayed Ahmed Abd-Algalil; Mohamed Kandiel; Ahmed Sayed-Ahmed; Mona Abdelghany Nasr

Hematological changes and serum minerals concentrations in pneumonic sheep

Pages 143-146

Ali Arbaga; Hany Hassan; Anis Anis; Naemaa Osthman; Ahmed kamr

Effect of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles and Zinc Oxide on Clinical, Hemato-biochemical, Body weight, Trace elements and Wool zinc changes in lambs.

Pages 147-152

heba sami abd elgayed; Gihan El moghazy; fatma el sayed saba; Mohamed Mohamady Ghanem; Yassen Abdel-Raoof

Clinical, haematobiochemical, ultrasonographical, and ruminal alterations in camels diagnosed with various digestive troubles

Pages 153-159

Attia Ahmed Eissa; Mohamed Mohamady Ghanem; Yassen Mahmoud Abdel-Raoof; Abdelghany Hefnawy Abdelghany; Eman Abd El Hamid El Ebissy

Sero-surveillance Infectious Bovine rhinotracheitis in Ruminants and assessment the associated risk factors

Pages 160-163

Adham Samir Hamdy; Abdelfattah Selim; Salma A. Shoulah; Abdel Moneim Moustafa Ibrahim

Predictive markers and risk factors in canine and feline pyometra under Egyptian conditions

Pages 170-175

Zienab Abdelbaset Abdel-Daym; Gamal Abd El Raheem Sosa; Alaa Abdel-Ghaffar; Mohamed M. M. Kandiel

Detection of FSHR gene variants associated with sperm motility in Egyptian buffalo bulls

Pages 191-193

Eman Ahmad Sallam; Liza Mohammed; Samy Darwish; mohammed Hegazy; Al- shimaa El-Naby; Aya Azzam

Additives in meat products marketed in Beni-Suef, Egypt" Residual levels and effect of cooking"

Pages 202-207

Nasser sayed Abdel-Atty; Saffa ahmed kamel; ahmed mohammed Mousa; Fathy ahmed Khalafalla