Microbiological evaluation of some heat treated fish products in Egyptian markets

Document Type : Original Article


1 Public Health Dep., King Faisel Univ.

2 Food Hygiene Dep., Fac. Vet. Med., Benha Univ.

3 Animal Health Research Institute, Dokky, Egypt


This study was conducted to confirm the bacterial conditions of fish products with E.O.S, and their
hazards on public health. A total of 60 samples of fish products represented by smoked: herring and
smoked salmon– semi cooked: fish finger and breaded shrimp (15 of each) were collected from
different retail markets for bacteriological examination. The average of APC, Coliform, Escherichia
coli, Mould & yeast and Staphylococcus aureus counts (log10 cfu/g) were 4.17± 0.12, 2.92±0.16,
2.19±0.23, 3.96±0.14 and 1.72±0.21 for herring, respectively, 3.16± 0.19, 2.69±0.13, 1.22±0.16,
2.22±0.18 and 1.06±0.06 in smoked salmon, 2.78±0.12, 2.02±0.22, 1.59±0.22, 2.14±0.15 and
1.24±0.24 in fish finger, respectively, and 2.60±0.13, 2.33±0.14, 1.46±0.23, 1.96± 0.20, 0± 0 in
breaded shrimp, respectively. The incidence of some food poisoning bacteria (Salmonella, Listeria
monocytogenes and Vibrio parahaemolyticus also investigated and no one of them was isolated in
the examined samples.