Occurrence of Escherichia coli in Fast Foods at Restaurant level

Document Type : Original Article


1 Food Control Dep., Fac.Vet. Med., Benha Univ.

2 Animal Health Research Institue, Shebin Elkom Branch


A grand total of 90 random samples of fast foods (ready-to-eat) represented by kofta, hawawshi and
liver (30 of each) were collected from different fast food services in different districts in Menofia
governorate. The incidences of E.coli in the examined samples of fast foods were 26.67%, 30% and
43.33% for sandwiches of kofta, hawawshi and liver, respectively. Moreover, the isolated serotypes of
E.coli from the examined samples of fast foods were O26 : H11 ,O44 : H18 ,O55 : H7 , O91 : H21 ,O103 ,O111:H4 ,O113 : H4 ,O119 : H4 , O124 ,O125 : H21 ,O127 : H6 and O128 : H2 with various percentages .Also, The
application of sensitivity test on all the isolated E.coli strains indicated that most of them were multiple
antimicrobial resistant (MAR) ,where the MAR index equal 0.538.The public health significance of the
isolated organisms from fast foods was discussed as well as some recommendations to ensure safety and
quality of meat sandwiches prepared in fast food services were outlined.