Microbiological status of meat and chicken received to University student hostel

Document Type : Original Article


1 Food Hygiene Dep., Fac. Of Vet. Med., Benha Uni.

2 Microbiology Dep., Animal Health Res., Inst. Dokki

3 Bacteriology Dep., Benha Univ. Hostel


A grand total of 60 random samples of chicken and meat (30 of each) before and after cooking (n=15 of
each) of both type was collected from a university student hostel, Egypt for microbiological
examination. The average values of aerobic plate count and anaerobic count (cfu/g) were
5.4x104±7.9x103 and 2.6x104±4.4x103 for raw meat, 3.6x104±2.1x103 and 2.2x104±3.8x103 for raw
chicken meat ,1.2x104±1.9x103,1.3x104± 4.9x103 for cooked meat and 1.9x104±2.2x103 &
1.3x104±4.9x103 cfu/g for cooked chicken meat, respectively. Moreover, the incidence of S.
Typhimurium, Staph aureus and C. perfringens were 13.33%, 13.33% and 47.6%for raw chicken meat,
0.0, 13.33%, 26.66 % for cooked chicken meat. While, 6.67%, 20%, 20% for raw meat and
0.0,13.33%,13.33% for cooked meat examined samples, respectively for total examined samples. The
public health importance of isolated microorganisms and recommended applications were discussed.