The effect of a 3D-modeled pyramidal packing shape on the growth of foodborne pathogens inoculated in ribeye-lion at dynamic room temperatures.

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Food Hygiene and Control, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Benha University, Benha 13736, Egypt.


Food packaging serves several important tasks, including preserving and controlling foodborne pathogens. One component that contributes significantly to these functions is the design of the food packaging itself. Bacterial retardation of meat natural flora was demonstrated using pyramidal packing patterns designed by the Great Pyramid's dimension ratios at constant chilling temperatures. The current study, based on the Giza-pyramid dimension ratio, used dynamic room temperature to evaluate the consequences of pyramidal packaging on minced ribeye meat experimentally contaminated with foodborne pathogens Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella Typhimurium, as well as native Escherichia coli. The pyramidal growth curves were compared to cuboidal and cylindrical 3D-printed containers. The result revealed that the packaging shape had no significant effect on the growth curves of both S. Typhimurium and E. coli. The pyramidal packaging negatively impacted the L. monocytogens growth curve, which was more obvious at the end of the storage period than other packaging shapes. The current study was conducted at dynamic room temperature, which may counteract act pyramidal effect noticed when storage occurred at constant temperature. Also, the delayed or non-significant impact of the pyramidal package observed here on growth curves of the inoculated pathogen, particularly the Gram-negative one, could be attributable to other factors such as type of packaging material magnetic field stability. Conclusively, the package design didn't exhibit absolute microbial growth retardation impact at dynamic room temperature. It is essential to consider the findings of these studies to develop packaging solutions that effectively preserve food.


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