Volume & Issue: Volume 46, Issue 2, July 2024 
A field investigation of the impact of the interaction between IBR vaccination and insemination time in cow herd: Reproductive and economic perspectives

Pages 1-5

Wesam Yousef Kamel; Amira Mohamed Abd-El hamed; Ehab Mostafa ElNahas; Mahmoud E.A. AbouElRoos; Gamal Abd El Raheem Sosa; Mohamed M. M. Kandiel

Clinical, Hematological and Biochemical Studies on Feline Enteritis

Pages 6-12

Ahmed Sobeih; Hossam Eldin El Attar; Yassen Abdel-Raoof; mohammed anwar ramadan; Mahmoud Atef Helal

Ameliorative effect of lemon balm on eltroxin induced-hyperthyroidism in rats

Pages 19-22

Ragaa Salah Kawara; Fatma Moawed; Hussein Abd Elmaksoud; Yakout Elsenosi; Omayma Abo-Zaid

Mesenchymal Stem Cells Restore Ovarian Function and Follicular Morphology Changes in Cyclophosphamide-Induced Infertility in Female Rats

Pages 28-35

Heba Elsaied Sherif; Yakout Abdelfatah El- Senosi; Samy Ali Hussein; Ehab Mahmoud Elzoghaby; Mohamed Ahmed Sobh; Heba Sheta; Basma Hamed Osman

Mesenchymal stem cells promote the repair of chemotherapy-induced premature ovarian failure in female rats

Pages 36-41

Heba Elsaied Sherif; Yakout Abdelfatah El- Senosi; Samy Ali Hussein; Ehab Mahmoud Elzoghby; Mohamed Ahmed Sobh; Sara M. Farrag; Basma Hamed Osman

Cowpea 11S globulin spray quadruples shrimp shelf-life and maintains freshness

Pages 74-79

Mai Elsheikh; Wesam Dawam; shimaa Edris; Ali Osman; Mahmoud Sitohy; Islam Ibrahim Sabike

Prevalence of some Foodborne Pathogens (FBPs) in imported chilled and frozen beef in Egypt

Pages 80-84

Aya Mohamed Ahmed; Faten Said Mohamed; Gehan Sayed eltanany; shimaa Edris

Chemical profile of Salted and Smoked Fish

Pages 106-110

Yomna Soliman; Walid Sobhy Arab; abobakr Edris; Amina Elrais

Prevalence of Sulfite-reducing clostridia in some salted marketed fish products

Pages 119-122

Samia hamed Saliman; Abo Bakr Mostafa Edris; Mohamed Nabil