Identification of Some Biological Hazards in Some Meat Products.

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1 faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Benha University.

2 1Food Hygiene Dep., Fac. Vet. Med., Benha Univ.

3 Food Hygiene Dept., Animal Health Research Institute ;Doki.


The biological hazards are by far the primary food safety concern in which, contamination of meat product with biological hazards rendering them unfit for human consumption and considered as a global health issue. This study aimed to determine the safety of some meat product in which sixty samples of processed meat product represented by minced meat, beef burger, sausages and luncheon (15 samples of each ) that were randomly gathered from distinct supermarkets and shops in Benha City at Kalubia Governorate, Egypt to determine occurrence of Bacillus cereus and Staph.aureus microorganisms as a biological hazards. The attained results revealed that B.cereus & Staph.aureus could be isolated from the checked samples of minced meat, beef burger, sausage and beef luncheon with the incidences of 13.3% & 20% , 33.3% & 46.7% , 46.7% & 53.3% and 26.7% & 33.3% and with mean values of 5.26×102± 0.81×102 & 7.12×102± 1.15×102 , 2.19×103± 0.43×103 & 3.96×103± 0.63×103, 8.47×103± 1.79×103 & 9.35×103± 2.10×103 and 1.09×103± 0.25×103 & 1.48×103± 0.31×103 (cfu/g) in the evaluated samples, respectively. The attained results were matched up to the permissible limits of Staph.aureus count stipulated by Egyptian Organization for Standardization to assess their acceptability and it was recommended to set up permissible limits of Bacillus cereus count in Egyptian Standards for such products.


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