Improvement quality of minced meat using some essential oils

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1 Meat hygiene , veterinary,

2 Food Control Department, (Meat Hygiene), Fac. Vet. Med. Benha University

3 Animal Health research institute, Shebin El koom branch


A total of 5250 g fresh minced beef were divided into equal groups (250g of each). E.coli was inoculated into all groups with infective dose 5.36±.01log cfu/g except control ones. All samples were treated with thyme oil (0.5%, 1%& 1.5%) and garlic oil (0.5%, 1%& 1.5%) and examined every 48hrs at 4ºC of storage temperature. Sensory examination (overall acceptability) and E.coli count were conducted. Thyme oil (1% &1.5%) and garlic oil (1.5%) treated minced beef showed overall acceptability till 8th day of storage. In comparison, thyme oil (0.5%) and garlic oil (0.5% and 1%) showed overall acceptability till 6th day. Furthermore, thyme oil (0.5%, 1%& 1.5%) decreased count of E.coli (log cfu/g) from 5.36±.01 (initial load) to 4.38±.02, 3.81±0.2 and 3.51±0.14 with reduction percentages 18.28%, 28.92% and 34.51% on 6th, 8th and 8th of storage, respectively. Garlic (0.5%, 1%& 1.5%) decreased count of E.coli (logcfu/g) to 4.54±0.2, 4.41±0.3 and 3.81±0.1 with reduction percentages 15.30%, 17.72% and 28.92% on 6th, 6th and 8th of storage, respectively. Generally, thyme oil (1.5%) proved to be more efficient than other treatments in reduction of E.coli growth in minced beef; Therefore, It is recommended to improve safety and extend shelf life of the meat products.


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